Storing and shipping orders from your place of business is a common approach for smaller brands. This option may limit the variety and quantity of products you can store and sell, and it could increase your overhead expenses.


Receiving and Storage

Exact Distribution

Exact Distribution is a 3PL provider and order fulfillment platform designed to support international retailers expand their markets to North America. The software integrates with a wide variety of sales channels and provides a central dashboard that provides a real-time view of each order’s’ fulfillment status.

Aside from ecommerce fulfillment, Exact offers pick-and-pack and kitting services for subscription box fulfillment. Exacts software’s ability to handle fulfillment services for enterprises and crowdfunding campaigns, along with its FBA prep services, make the software ideal for a wide variety of merchants and retailers.

More importantly, Exact also helps retailers save on shipping costs. Through its partnerships with major shipping carriers, Exacts offers the most affordable shipping rates for products..

Day Delivery

 Exact Distribution  your inventory across the USA to reduce the time and distance between your product and your customer

Product Manufacturing

SAVE money by taking advantage of our pre-arranged volume discounts with quality Health & Beauty manufacturers

Exact Distribution Fulfillment

Grow into new markets easily with our network of fulfillment centers around the globe