Tempature Control Long And Short Storage

The terms “climate controlled” and “temperature controlled” will show up a lot when researching storage solutions for both personal and commercial goods, and are sometimes used interchangeably.


Receiving and Storage

Storage Items Controlled Environment

Do a search for self storage solutions and you’ll see a lot of companies advertising climate controlled units. Climate controlled storage units tend to be a bit pricier than standard storage units, and may only be available in a limited number of sizes. And yet, they have a lot of utility, especially if you are storing certain types of items or intend to store your belongings for a long period of time. They are also recommended if you are storing items in an area with extreme heat, cold, or humidity. A lot can happen to your stuff while it’s sitting in storage. Moisture build up, extreme temperatures, and pests are the most common concerns, and rightfully so. How then do you make sure your items are in the same condition when you pick them up as they were when you dropped them off? Climate control.

Climate Controlled Storage


Climate controlled storage, sometimes referred to as temperature controlled storage, is a type of storage unit that is specially designed to maintain steady temperatures and humidity levels.


In the summer, the normal temperatures inside the storage area would be a few degrees cooler than outside, and in the winter the temperatures would be a few degrees warmer.


If you think your storage needs exceed traditional storage solutions, moving up to temperature-controlled storage may be the answer.

Wooden Storage

Opting for a climate controlled area for keeping your wooden furniture is a smart idea as wood always contracts and expands due to the changing seasons.


Preserving artwork and photos within a climate controlled facility is a smart move to ensure that your investment or memories stay safe.

Medical Products

Climate controlled storage is often needed for storing pharmaceutical products like medicines by the companies who supply them at the local medical stores.